EUR 15 million aimed to promote incoming and local tourism


2020 05 15


The implementation of tourism promotion measures which are part of the Government’s plan aimed to promote the economy and reduce the effects of the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), are already gaining momentum. According to the plan, EUR 15 million was earmarked for inbound and local tourism and EUR 30 million for loans. The first measures to promote tourism will be launched in early June. 

According to Minister of Energy, Acting Minister of the Economy and Innovation Žygimantas Vaičiūnas, today we already have a plan for the implementation of the measures, responsible managers of measure implementation have been appointed and mechanisms for implementing each measure are being developed. It is planned that already in June, tour operators will be able to use loans which will allow tour operators to immediately settle with tourists who have refused travel vouchers. 

‘The system of tourism promotion is also being developed, which will enable each Lithuanian medical professional to have some rest for the amount of EUR 200 using local tourism services, and the Government  will pay for these services. The services will be provided by local tourism providers offering a wide range of services. The measure is expected to be operational after the summer season. This is a good news for both medical people and the local tourism sector, as it is planned to allocate about EUR 10 million for this purpose,’ says Mr Vaičiūnas.

The plan also includes other measures. It is planned that the ‘Tourism Innovations’ measure will probably be started, which will contribute to the promotion of innovative tourism activities. The measure shall provide for the financing of activities which include: the development and improvement of tourism services and business models, the development and presentation of information about tourism services, the  creation of marketing and brand value as well as design creation and training activities for tourism personnel. This is particularly relevant now because businesses urgently need to adapt to the new reality with increasingly more services being transferred to the electronic space for creating and implementing e-marketing activities and virtual routes. It is also important for guides to acquire new knowledge seeking to adapt to the changing situation, including people’s desire to spend more time in nature’s surrounding and get to know it better. The measure will be implemented by the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA).

‘E-business model’ is another measure aimed to promote local tourism; it will encourage micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to digitise their activities and develop them more efficiently online. This would help to optimise labour costs and maintain jobs. The measure is planned to be implemented by the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LVPA).

Many marketing measures have been planned to promote tourism, which will help to revitalise inbound and local tourism, encourage foreign tourists to come to Lithuania, use accommodation and catering services, help to promote consumption in the country and job creation  in this sector. Marketing  is expected to be carried out in two directions: advertising campaigns will focus on the end-user and measures for the tourism business aimed at revitalising organised tourist trips. The measure will be implemented by Travel Lithuania, PE. 

The tourism sector promotion plan drawn up by the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation covers a group of tourism promotion  measures relating to ensuring liquidity (loans, compensation for the repatriation of tourists and guarantees of liquidity), demand promotion (marketing measures, holiday vouchers for medical people, Travel Bubble) and the transformation of the tourism sector (‘E-business model’, ‘tourism innovation’ and ‘Competences’).  EUR 45 million are foreseen from the state budget for the implementation of all the  measures.