Seven professional qualifications obtained in the UK will be automatically recognised in Lithuania after Brexit


2019 03 06


Following the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, Lithuania will automatically recognise the professional qualifications of medical doctors, dental practitioners, nurses responsible for general care, midwives, pharmacists, veterinary surgeons and architects, acquired before Brexit. These automatic recognition-related amendments to the Law on the Recognition of Regulated Professional Qualifications drawn up by the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation were approved by the Government on Wednesday. 

‘The seven professions will be recognised in Lithuania automatically without any further assessment as the training of their representatives has been subject to general specific requirements throughout the EU. The procedure for the recognition of qualifications obtained in the UK for the remaining 30 regulated professions, like teachers or social workers, will be subject to the rules applicable to third countries,’ said Minister of the Economy and Innovation Virginijus Sinkevičius.

The recognition of professional qualifications is required only when the profession is regulated (i.e., is subject to specific qualification requirements) and an individual seeking to pursue the profession must comply with them. In total, there are 37 regulated professions in Lithuania and the automatic professional recognition principle is valid for seven regulated professions in the EU. 

After Brexit, professional qualifications obtained in the UK will not be recognised automatically, which was the case up until now; they will be recognised as qualifications obtained in a third country and under the rules for the recognition of professional qualifications for third-country nationals. If the profession is not regulated it will be for the employer to decide whether it is appropriate.