National Certificate

The National Certificate is proof that a person either:

  • has a COVID-19 test that is negative;

  • has been vaccinated against COVID-19;

  • or has recovered from COVID-19.

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Instruction for getting your National Certificate.

Instruction for checking the National Certificate.

Privacy policy of the National Certificate.



The National Certificate is valid:

  • If you are vaccinated:
    • For Comirnaty or Spikevax vaccine: 1 week after the second dose;
    • For COVID-19 Janssen vaccine: 2 weeks after vaccination;
    • For Vaxzevria vaccine: 4 weeks after the first dose but for no longer then the period of 13 weeks and after a second dose.
    • After having had COVID-19 and two weeks after one dose of Comirnaty, Spikevax or Vaxzevria vaccines;
    • One week after the second dose of Comirnaty or Vaxzevria vaccines if Vaxzevria vaccine was used for the first dose and Comirnaty - for the second dose and vise verse.
  • If you have had coronavirus:
    • If you have had coronavirus: 210 days following a positive PCR test result;
    • With a positive result in a quantitative or semi-quantitative serological immunoligical test for COVIT-19 lGL antibodies or general antibodies, after maximum 60 days.
  • After carrying out a test:
    • With a negative PCR pay test result or antigen pay test result: 48 hours from the moment of taking the sample.

Access the National Certificate is available to all people who have a personal identification number in Lithuania and whose data (on vaccination, testing and coronavirus disease) is entered to the Lithuanian health electronic system. The National Certificate will be linked to this system; data for the National Certificate is generated on the basis of this system. Foreigners who come to Lithuania and have a residence permit and who are registered with the Migration Service, receive a Lithuanian personal identification number.

Fully vaccinated foreign citizens are able to benefit from the National Certificate activities with the EU Digital COVID Certificate.


Instead of the National Certificate, foreign tourists will be able to produce printed vaccination documents issued by other countries. 

Fully vaccinated foreign citizens are able to benefit from the National Certificate activities with the EU Digital COVID Certificate.

Foreigners with a negative coronavirus test carried out in Lithuania will also be able to get more services; yet, they will have to do the testing at their own expense. 

The test will be valid for 48 hours from the time of taking the sample after the PCR pay test or antigen pay test.

The National Certificate is a QR code for individuals who have been vaccinated against coronavirus, have had a coronavirus infection or have a negative COVID-19 test result. This code is also available for printing.

The National Certificate is linked to the ehealth system. It only contains data needed to identify an individual. After reading the QR code received, the individual’s identity is checked with an identity document.

With the National Certificate I will be able to participate in indoor and outdoor events with unlimited number of spectators. 

According to the requirements currently in force people who return from foreign countries to Lithuania are subject to isolation if they have not been vaccinated. They will only be able to use the National Certificate after their isolation period is over. Fully vaccinated people who return to Lithuania from foreign countries are not subject to self-isolation.

From 24 May 2021, the National Certificate will come into force in Lithuania but will not be valid in other foreign countries.

Children under 16 do not need to be tested and to have the National Certificate. They only need an identity document. The National Certificate is applied to individuals who are 16 and over.

Residents are able to do PCR test in private healthcare facilities at their own expense.

Only the following will be able to perform a free PCR test at mobile points:

  • persons to whom a family doctor or allergist will diagnose an allergy to one of the components of the vaccine;
  • pregnant women who will need to present a maternity card at a mobile point.


The verifier of the National Certificate will be able to scan the QR code produced by an individual to make sure that his/her National Certificate is valid and contact activities are allowed for that particular individual. The verifier will see in the display the same National Certificate as the National Certificate holder, containing the QR code and personal information (name, surname, the date of birth).

The verifier may: a) trust the National Certificate produced by a particular individual and let him/her in; (b) scan the QR code and make sure that the National Certificate is not false; (c) ask the particular individual to additionally produce an identity document to make sure that the National Certificate belongs to that particular  individual.

Individuals who have no access to e-Government Gates (identify themselves through e-banking or e-signature) will be able to come to the nearest customer service point of the Centre of Registers, Sodra branches, Lithuanian post offices and pharmacies, which will voluntarily decide to provide this service, and after producing a personal ID number get a paper National Certificate by submitting their personal number.

NB:  the Lithuanian National Certificate may be only available where the data about vaccination, coronavirus disease or test result exist in eHealth, i.e. the data was entered by Lithuanian health professionals.

No. Along with the National Certificate it may be required to produce an identity document; no other additional documents are needed. Medical extracts are not considered the National Certificate. The National Certificate contains the data present in medical extracts, but people do not need to have such extracts with them. 

Last updated: 20-09-2021