A. Armonaitė: Klaipėda has taken an important step towards attracting foreign talent and investment


2023 06 01


On the initiative of the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation and other institutions, a new service centre “International House Klaipėda” was opened up in Klaipėda to l help to ensure a smooth resettlement of foreigners to the port city. The Minister Aušrinė Armonaitė has no doubt that the activities of this centre will not only facilitate foreigners' access to quality public services, but will also help to significantly attract highly skilled workers and, in turn, foreign investors.

“Seeing the need to provide assistance to foreigners coming to Lithuania, the International House Centre was opened up in Vilnius a year and a half ago on the initiative of the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation. It is estimated that more than 22,000 foreign nationals have already been served at this centre. We are pleased that Klaipėda is following the example of the capital city when companies in the port city face difficulties in attracting employees. In the coming years alone, Klaipėda will need to attract approximately 3,000 new employees, so it is necessary to act consistently to attract talent and investment from foreign countries," Armonaitė said at the opening event of the International House Klaipėda.

The need to establish a centre in Klaipėda was driven by the fact that, according to the data of the Centre of Registers, the number of foreigners arriving in Klaipėda has increased almost threefold over the last decade. In 2013, about 400 foreigners used to arrive in Klaipėda, while in 2022 this number grew to more than 12,000.

Also, a survey of Klaipėda companies commissioned by Klaipėda ID showed that the manufacturing sector alone will need around 3,000 new employees in the next two years, including around 1,800 high- and low-skilled professionals. 
Talent supply is also closely linked to attracting foreign investment, which  contributes significantly to economic growth and competitiveness, fosters technology diffusion, the sharing of knowledge and best practices, and helps build human capital in particular.  

From now on, it will be easier for foreigners arriving in the port city to get free advice and the services they need to relocate and live in Lithuania, from residence permits and social security to employment services and taxes for starting a business, all in one place. This working model allows for closer cooperation and dissemination of information and helps workers to develop their skills.

International House is not only an important place for foreigners arriving in the city to get the services they need in one place, but it is also a good example of cooperation between institutions and agencies, with their delegated representatives working together to provide services and advice in one place and in different languages. 

The centre, which is a joint initiative of the Ministry, the Klaipėda City Municipality and the investment and business development agency Klaipėda ID, will welcome visitors in the Customer Service Department of Klaipėda City Municipality and will be able to serve more than 2,000 people a year in English and Russian.

The Service Centre will provide public services and advice, general information about moving to the port city, career, employment and placement advice, work experience and placement projects for foreign students, free Lithuanian language lessons and help families integrate in the new city.