A. Armonaitė: ‘Lithuania can become a springboard for the Ukrainian business return to the EU market’


2022 04 25


At the invitation of her Ukrainian colleagues Aušrinė Armonaitė, Minister of Economy and Innovation, visited Kiev. Together with Yulia Svyrydenko, First Vice Prime Minister and simultaneously Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, and Mykhailo Fedorov, serving as Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, she discussed ways of maintaining trade between both countries.  

‘There should be a greater supply of Ukrainian goods in Lithuania. In this way, each of us could contribute directly to strengthening the Ukrainian economy. It is therefore important to ensure supply of raw materials necessary for Ukrainian business and exports of their goods. We must use more actively the potential of Klaipeda Port and of our carriers. Our country is ready to contribute to the restoration of Ukraine and to become a springboard for its business return to the EU market,’ – says the Minister of Economy and Innovation.  

A. Armonaitė also presented information to her Ukrainian colleagues about the assistance provided in Lithuania to Ukrainian businesses and residents. Already in the near future, businesses, temporarily relocated from Ukraine to Lithuania, will be able to get soft loans. In addition, Lithuania has created opportunities for Ukrainians working remotely in our country to continue paying taxes to Ukraine. Lithuania has created opportunities for refugees from Ukraine to start working immediately after the registration with the Migration Department. Currently, there are already about 5,000 people who work in Lithuania.  

Ukraine successfully manages to withstand cyber-attacks on the part of Russia, many public services are operating successfully enough in the country. Therefore, Lithuania will have good opportunity to learn from this experience how to strengthen own national security.  

The Ministry of Economy and Innovation is also providing assistance to Ukraine in the field of digitization. Equipment ensuring the necessary Internet infrastructure is supplied together with partners in the European Union. And the Centre of Registers has already transferred to Ukraine equipment necessary to ensure data security. 

‘Data security in Ukraine has never been more important, because it is one of Russia’s targets. We must share not only the necessary infrastructure, but also our knowledge. The Lithuanian-Ukrainian expert exchange program could significantly improve cyber security in both countries,‘ – added the Minister. 

During her visit to Ukraine, the Minister of Economy and Innovation will also visit the Centre for Women and Children Affected by the War, and will also meet volunteers who work in Ukraine. 

As soon as the war began, the Minister urged Lithuanian companies to leave Russia and Belarus and stop supporting the economies of these two countries with their taxes. The Lithuanian business community is, as never before, united in the face of the Russia's war against Ukraine. Lithuanian business has donated not less than 50 million euros to Ukraine through various initiatives.