Aušrinė Armonaitė and her Polish counterpart discussed the importance of ensuring transit through Poland


2020 12 22


Today, Minister of the Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė spoke by phone with the Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Development, Labour and Technology Jarosław Gowin. During the conversation, it was discussed how, in the difficult situation due to the coronavirus, Poland would ensure that goods could move through Poland to reach both Lithuania and other Baltic countries. 

Minister Armonaitė stressed that it was essential that all sectors and businesses in the region could continue their activities as smoothly as possible in the current circumstances. 

Also, she talked about stricter  business restrictions imposed by Lithuania and the planned business aid measures. Lithuania has planned two stages to mitigate the impact on the economy of the second wave of COVID-19. In the first phase, it is planned to allocate EUR 150 million for grants, EUR 30 million for loans, EUR  33.1 million for business support measures and EUR 16.9 million to meet the commitments under the contracts already signed. The second phase of business support will focus on the most affected companies and sectors with the most limited activity.

The Polish Minister for Development, Labour and Technology informed that Poland would suspend flights from the United Kingdom  from 22 December, 00 hours. It was agreed that Poland and Lithuania would be in permanent contact. 

Minister Armonaitė and her Polish counterpart also discussed future cooperation plans and agreed to discuss joint Lithuanian-Polish projects at the beginning of next year.

In 2019, Poland was the third largest export market of Lithuanian goods, which received 7.9 per cent (EUR 2.33 billion) of total exports of Lithuanian goods. Two thirds of Lithuania’s exports of goods to Poland in 2019 consisted of exports of goods of Lithuanian origin, and one third –  of re-export. In 2019, Poland was the second largest Lithuania’s import market and received 11.9 per cent (EUR 3.77 billion) of total Lithuanian imports of goods.