Benefit Brought by Tourism Increases


2018 02 23


Last year, Lithuania received 1.55 million foreign tourists who stayed at least one night, i.e. 4.3% more than in 2016, as seen from statistics on accommodation services. General growth in the industry, including local tourism, amounted to 6.6% last year. The number of tourists who were provided with accommodation constituted 2.92 million.

“Growth in tourist flows from priority markets generated about 20 million euros more for local business than the previous year. It is particularly important that next to traditional markets, the number of tourists from Israel grows. A tourist from this country spends, on average, the biggest number of days per stay; for this reason, such tourists bring the biggest benefit for our state”, Virginijus Sinkevičius, Minister for Economy, said.

Accommodation establishments were mostly visited by tourists from Belarus (174,900). Next, tourists from Germany (171,100), Russia (162,900), Poland (154,600), Latvia (148,000), Ukraine (83,200), the United Kingdom (66,400), Estonia (61,700) and Italy (39,900) follow. Tourists of top ten popular markets account for 71% of the total Lithuania’s inbound tourism market.

Extraordinary growth was demonstrated by tourist flow from the USA (43,000 tourists or 21.9% more than in 2016) – this country was included in the top ten Lithuania’s inbound tourism markets for the first time. Growing numbers were also recorded in other remote markets: the number of tourists from Israel increased by 3.8% (20,400), 33.4% (16,000) – from China, and 1.6% (23,000) – from Japan.

The number of local tourists augmented by as many as 9.4% –  in total, 1.38 million people travelled around Lithuania and stayed at least one night in accommodation establishments of the country.

All in all, in 2017, tourists had 6.7 million stays in Lithuanian accommodation establishments (excluding rural tourism homesteads), which is 5.6% more than in 2016. The average duration of a stay is 2.3 days. In this context, tourists from Israel exceeded the average ratio – they spent as many as 4.7 days in our country on average.