Getting the National Certificate: after vaccination, having had coronavirus or after testing


2021 05 13


With the approaching launch of the National Certificate the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation offers explanation on how to behave to obtain this document granting more freedom to those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, have had the coronavirus or have received a negative test result.

Data must be entered into the eHealth system

All Lithuanian citizens from 16 years of age will be able to obtain the National Certificate. This document will be linked to the eHealth system, which means that the National Certificate will only be available in cases where the data about vaccination, having had the disease or test result are available in the eHealth system, i.e. they were entered by Lithuanian health care professionals. For persons under 16, it will suffice to present an identity card if they wish to benefit from milder quarantine conditions.

Different algorithms for different vaccines

Comirnaty (manufacturer BioNTech and Pfiser) and Moderna (manufacturer Moderna) require 2 vaccine doses. After vaccination with these vaccines, the National Certificate will be available 1 week after the second dose of the vaccine. Those who received Janssen (manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceutica NV) and Vaxzevria (manufacturer AstraZeneca) will be able to obtain the National Certificate 4 weeks after the vaccine has been given. NB: individuals who have received Vaxzevria must receive a second vaccination within 12 weeks after the first dose.

Conditions for those who have had coronavirus

For those who have had coronavirus, the diagnosis will have to be confirmed on the basis of a positive PCR test or an antigen test. To be able to use the National Certificate, no more than 180 days must have passed from the positive test result and the self-isolation term must be over. In case an individual has had coronavirus but he/she did not contacted a family doctor, no evidence about the illness will be recorded in the eHealth system. In this case, the individual should contact his/her family doctor so as to have the data entered in the eHealth system.

The National Certificate status will have to be renewed every 7 days

Both those who have received the vaccine and those who have had coronavirus will have to renew the National Certificate status (QR code) every 7 days because the chance to get ill with coronavirus remains disregarding vaccination or the fact about having had the infection. Those who have been vaccinated or those who have had coronavirus will need to enter personal authentication data in the specially designed website via E-Government Gateway and save the given QR code in the phone or computer every 7 days.

Tests will be valid for 24 hours

The National Certificate will also be available after carrying out a test. The test result will be valid for 24 hours from the time of taking the sample, i.e. from the time the test was carried out but not from the time the test results were entered into the eHealth system. It is therefore important that individuals who want to go to a concert in the evening do not postpone testing to the last moment. Rapid antigen tests are recommended as the main testing method because their results are obtained most rapidly. Registration for the test is available by phone 1808 or online According to the estimates by the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation, at the beginning of June, almost 1.5 million people will already have access to the National Certificate without testing.

Testing in municipal mobile points

The COVID-19 testing will be available at municipal mobile stations or other test sites appointed by municipalities, e.g. in special points and elsewhere. Testing there will be free of charge. Residents will also be able to take tests at private healthcare facilities at their own expense.

Antibody test does not yet provide access to the National Certificate

At the moment, an antibody test result does not allow access to the National Certificate as no criteria are established about which antibody parameters should be considered as satisfactory. This is planned to be done out in the future.

National Certificate: for internal use only

The National Certificate does not open possibilities to travel; it is only intended to free up economic activities in Lithuania. Travelling EU-wide will be released with the EU Green Certificate, which is currently under development at EU level. The terms of validity and obtaining criteria for the two documents differ.

Also, the National Certificate does not eliminate the need for self-isolation when coming back from abroad: according to existing requirements, individuals who have not been vaccinated and return from a foreign country to Lithuania are subject to self-isolation. They will only be able to use the National Certificate after the isolation period comes to an end. Individuals who have received all required vaccine doses and return to Lithuania from a foreign country are not subject to self-isolation.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the National Certificate are available here. The information will be updated permanently.