Leader of Invest Lithuania elected


2015 01 13


On Thursday, 8 January 2015, a tender was held to fill the post of director of public body Invest Lithuania. The successful tenderer was Mantas Katinas.

Previously, Mantas Katinas worked in TEO LT as Digital Business Development Director and Head of the Advertising Unit. 

Nine applicants eligible under the special requirements laid down in the job description of the director took part in the tender held by the Ministry of Economy. The applicants had to present the list of their advantages and indicate their professional characteristics and skills; they also had to present their action programmes, which they, as leaders of this organisation, intended to follow.  

The Minister of Economy will apply to the Special Investigation Service to have the credibility of the successful tenderer assessed. Following the receipt of information about the good repute of Mantas Katinas he will be appointed Director of Invest Lithuania. 

Public body Invest Lithuania is a foreign direct investment development agency under the Ministry of Economy the objective of which is to enhance the competitiveness of the Lithuanian economy, attract investments and raise awareness of Lithuania worldwide. Invest Lithuania offers information and consults foreign companies which seek to optimise their activities, gain access to new markets or expand their market share.