Lithuanian diaspora members can now apply for funding for projects promoting the country and investment and export opportunities


2023 09 06

Kvietimas teikti paraiškas ekonominės diplomatijos srityje.jpg

The Ministry of Economy and Innovation is inviting Lithuanian diaspora organisations to apply for funding for activities aimed at attracting investment and talent to Lithuania, expanding the country's export markets, and boosting inbound tourist flows.

"Lithuanians abroad represent and promote Lithuania and contribute to the progress of our country through economic diplomacy and their networks. They also help the country's businesses to expand into international markets, and introduce foreign talent and potential investors to the opportunities that Lithuania offers. We hope that this significant contribution of our communities to helping Lithuania will only grow stronger," said Minister of Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė.   

Lithuanian non-profits registered in other countries are invited to apply for funding. They can receive support for the organising events and implementing activities in the area of economic diplomacy (attracting talent and/or foreign investment, promoting exports, and encouraging inbound tourism). Priority will be given to projects in priority economic sectors: information and communication technologies (ICT), life sciences, and engineering.

Funding is earmarked for projects that will be implemented by 10 December 2023. Applications will be accepted until the funding available for the projects is exhausted. The maximum amount per project is €10,000.

Last year, professionals from the Lithuanian diaspora were actively involved in economic diplomacy: they advised Lithuanian companies on internationalisation and export development, helped organise business missions and expos abroad, and also mediated in finding contacts for export activities.

"As many as two thirds of the surveyed Lithuanians living abroad are considering returning to Lithuania one day. One of the most important things we have done to encourage Lithuanians to return is to increase the number of Western-minded, globally-oriented, well-paying job opportunities, which is growing rapidly in Lithuania," says Karolis Žemaitis, Deputy Minister of Economy and Innovation.

Diaspora organisations and professionals can find all the information about job opportunities in high added value sectors on the Work in Lithuania portal. Financial incentives are also available for expatriate employees and employers who attract internationals to the IT, biotechnology and engineering sectors. 

Returnees have ample opportunities to develop their businesses in Lithuania, using the e-learning, entrepreneur card, and other platforms and advice offered by the Innovation Agency. 

In addition, young people are invited to "try out" Lithuania by taking up internships in companies or the public sector. More than 210 young people studying and working abroad have already returned to take part in the Create Lithuania programme. Of these, more than 80% remain in Lithuania after the programme, and more than 40% have found employment in the public sector. 

The Ministry of Economy and Innovation also runs an internship programme for young diaspora leaders, which funded the Bring Together Lithuania programme in 2022. The aim is to give young people of Lithuanian origin professional experience and show them a modern Lithuania.

Young people from abroad will be encouraged to choose to study in Lithuania, especially in IT and biotechnology, as the Ministry's initiative will see Lithuanian universities launching double-degree programmes with universities in the UK and the US.

The Ministry also organises meetings with diaspora Lithuanians to discuss topics of interest those people and to present the investment, innovation and startup environment and opportunities in Lithuania.

More information on the call and the terms of reference can be found here

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