Lithuanian digital innovation solutions delivered in Germany


2019 10 22


In the Smart Country Convention exhibition on latest digital solutions for the public sector, cities and municipalities, which has started today in Berlin, Vice-Minister of the Economy and Innovation Elijus Čivilis is presenting Lithuania’s initiatives for digital innovation and sharing experiences on how to digitise services in the public sector.

‘Lithuania is among the countries with the best digitisation infrastructure and is among the most advanced in the area of digitisation in the last 5 year period. In Lithuania, more than 90 % of public services are accessible on the internet and Lithuanians take the first place for the Internet use in the EU. More than 80 % of citizens use e-government services and business performance is even better: this figure reaches 97 %. As a result, Lithuania’s target no longer is electronic, but rather digitised public services. We are seeking to become a digital country based on a universal data platform that is able to create services for public authorities and businesses alike, as well as for the general public’, says Vice-Minister of the Economy and Innovation Elijus Čivilis.

According to him, Lithuania’s public sector is both active in the digitising services and is searching for ways to further boost innovation. One such example is the GovTech LAB initiative launched in July this year, inviting the public and start-ups to make proposals to address certain public sector problems.

‘This reflects the openness of the state to new, non-standard ideas which are currently limited to the private sector. This initiative will undoubtedly help the public sector to be even more innovative and start experimenting with the latest technology solutions in order to react quickly to new trends and opportunities’, says Vice-Minister Čivilis.

Lithuania as an advanced state of digital solutions was chosen as a partner country for the Smart Country Convention, to be held on 22–24 October in Berlin, so Lithuania’s information technology sector will receive particular attention: the widespread IT solutions and  digital innovation developed by Lithuanian businesses will be presented with a particular focus on solutions for the digitisation of administration and public services.

At the exhibition conference, Lithuania’s representatives will share their experiences by delivering presentations and taking part in the discussions with focus on smart city, e-government and cyber security solutions developed by Lithuanian companies.

Together with Business Lithuania and the Digital Lithuania cluster the following IT companies will introduce themselves at  Lithuania’s national stand: Xplicity, Baltic Amadeus,  Telesoftas, Iraida, Lamus Inovacijos (Lamus Innovation), Agmis, Scale3C, Meinart, SBS Group, Dokobit, Lematics, Eylean, Išmani Ateitis (Smart Future), Tamo, Digitouch and Sponge.

According to the global competitiveness index of the Swiss-based International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Lithuania enters the 1th position in terms of digital and technology skills, and is 4th in terms of communication technology.

According to Enterprise Lithuania, the Lithuanian ICT sector has been growing most rapidly compared with other economic sectors thanks to the developed infrastructure and digital literacy. Over the last five years, it kept growing for around 70 % and the total growth of the Lithuanian economy sectors was around 17 %, while the sector’s sales to foreign markets rose by almost 14% in 2018.