Lithuania’s GovTech Lab initiative acknowledged in the European Awards


2019 12 05


The GovTech Lab initiative by the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation and Create Lithuania was awarded at the Innovation In Politics Awards 2019.

‘GovTech seems to be just a word. It is clear that it consists of two parts, ‘gov’ and ‘tech’, which mean that we need to work together to create the value of technology for our society. Technology offers opportunities for a better public sector capable to serve the society,’ said Vice-Minister of the Economy and Innovation Elijus Čivilis when colleting the award in Berlin.

The objective of the GovTech Lab initiative in the category of Prosperity aims to encourage the public sector to develop innovative technology solutions to existing challenges. This will both enable start-ups to test their technology in the public sector and will help commercialise it.

The GovTech Lab initiative allows Lithuania to look at public sector challenges from a different point of view: innovation teams, which have never worked in the public sector, can offer new solutions to improve the efficiency of businesses and maximise public benefits.

It is planned that GovTech Lab will launch a ‘Challenge Series’ twice a year, when a public authority will announce a problem that is relevant to it and the start-ups, businesses and the society will be able to offer innovative technology solutions. Using the ‘Challenge Series’ possibilities, the authorities will be able to quickly find an innovative technology solution that is not available on the market and will do so faster than using traditional procurement methods. Problems of at least 3 institutions could be addressed in a single series.

GovTech is a fast-evolving innovation ecosystem that allows business to develop innovative, mostly state-of-the-art solutions to public sector challenges. On a global scale, GovTech is estimated to be a $400 billion global market that can be exploited by start-ups and states. More than 2000 GovTech start-ups exist in Europe alone.

The awards organised by the Institute of Policy Innovation aim to notice, present and honour politicians and communities that have courage to innovate creatively and are capable of delivering real results improving people’s lives and strengthening the states. Innovation is rewarded in eight categories, including Democracy, Jobs, Ecology, Human Rights, Prosperity, Community, Quality of Life and Civilisation.  More than 400 projects from across Europe were submitted this year, which were evaluated by more than 1000 European experts who selected finalists in 8 categories.