Ministry of the Economy and Innovation: 260 scholarships to develop the talent needed by Lithuanian regional businesses


2023 06 07


In response to the continuing need for computer science, engineering and mathematics specialists, the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation (EIMIN) is continuing to award targeted scholarships to 10 higher education institutions in the Lithuanian regions. This year, the Ministry plans to award 260 scholarships to students enrolled in state-funded STEM degree programmes. 

"Computer science, engineering and mathematics talents are in high demand by businesses, as investors make decisions on regional investments and job creation based on their demand. That's why, for the third year in a row, we are offering scholarships to encourage prospective students to study and work in the regions in these high-potential fields. These are the areas where businesses need specialists to create high-paying jobs. We have already awarded 757 scholarships since 2020," said Aušrinė Armonaitė, Minister for the  Economy and Innovation. 

Representatives of the educational institutions note that young people usually choose cities for their studies and look for jobs there. Therefore, the State is constantly developing measures to encourage young people to study and work in the regions. One of these is the €200 monthly scholarship provided by the MInistry of Economy and Innovation for the entire four years of undergraduate studies. 

"There is a severe shortage of workers in the regions in advanced economic sectors. Talent development is also important for the investors who are looking for potential investment areas in the region. Therefore, we have no doubt that this scholarship mechanism, which is one of the most proven investments, allows us to address the talent shortage and make the country's regions more attractive places for young people to build their futures," said Vice-Minister Karolis Žemaitis.

Scholarships are available at 10 educational institutions for students entering STEM programmes this year: Alytus College (Alytus), Kaunas University of Technology (Panevėžys), Klaipėda University (Klaipėda), Klaipėda State College (Klaipėda),  Lithuanian Higher School of Seamanship (Klaipėda), Marijampole College (Marijampolė), Panevėžys College (Panevėžys), Vilnius University (Šiauliai), Šiauliai State College (Šiauliai), Utena College (Utena).