More potentially dual-use items to be banned from export from Lithuania


2023 11 15


The Government has approved a proposal by the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation to amend the National List of Controlled Dual-Use Goods to further restrict the export, including re-export, of goods from Lithuania to third countries, thus reducing the risk of these goods being used in hostilities in Ukraine. 

"We are making every effort to reduce the technical capabilities of Russia and Belarus to conduct hostilities in Ukraine. Back in June, we restricted the export of dual-use items to Central Asian countries via Lithuania, Belarus and Russia that could be used in hostilities in Ukraine. Seeing the need to strengthen our solutions, we are introducing additional restrictions," said Aušrinė Armonaitė, Minister of the Economy and Innovation. 

The National List of Controlled Dual-Use Goods includes potentially dual-use goods and technologies often used in Russia not only for civilian but also for military purposes, in particular highly explosive projectiles for tanks, military drones, parts of which have been found on the battlefield in Ukraine. 

"The changes were made in response to a significant increase in exports from Lithuania to third countries. We are taking the initiative to prevent opportunities to circumvent the sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus and to acquire goods needed for the production of armaments," said Karolis Žemaitis, Deputy Minister of the  Economy and Innovation. 

The National List also removes some of the goods whose export across the EU's external border is already prohibited by EU sanctions.  

In order to prevent sanctions evasion schemes and to reduce threats to Lithuania's public security, the Government approved the extension of the list of dual-use goods as proposed by the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation. The decision entered into force on 3 July this year.