National Certificate: changes from 1 June


2021 06 01


From 1 June of the current year, conditions for using the National Certificate get more relaxed. The Ministry of the Economy and Innovation informs about the basic changes.

Extended validity of PCR test
The PCR test will be valid three times longer –  for 72 hours from the time of taking the sample. As now, the antigen test will be valid for 24 hours from the time the sample was taken.

Shorter term for Janssen vaccine
For those who have been vaccinated with Janssen vaccine (manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceutica NV), the National Certificate will be available 2 weeks after receiving the vaccine (4 week period was set until now).

Bigger events
With the National Certificate, events with up to 2000  participants (500 until now) will be allowed indoors with no more than 75 % of all seats occupied; the number of participants outdoors is no longer limited (2000 until now). Food and drink retail is allowed both indoors and outdoors.
Without the National Certificate, up to 250 spectators will be allowed in indoors events with no more than 50 % of all seats occupied. The number of visitors is not limited for outdoor events but all of them must occupy seats. Food and drink retail is not allowed both outdoors and indoors.

No more restrictions on personal celebrations
No limits are any longer imposed on the number of individuals in personal celebrations, both indoors and outdoors in case the participants have the National Certificate. Until now, the number of people was not limited with the celebration taking place in specialised rented premises, like rural tourism homesteads.
Indoors, up to 10 people or two families and/or two households will be able to participate in private celebrations without the National Certificate; outdoors, the number of people is no longer limited.

Night clubs are allowed to open their doors, cafés and restaurants enjoy extended working time
From 1 June, activities of night clubs are allowed; working time of restaurants, bars and other entertainment establishments is extended till 24:00. Only those with the National Certificate will be allowed to the premises of restaurants, cafes, night clubs and casinos and those less than 16 years of age (if allowed). With the exception of one family and one household members, no more than 10 persons will be allowed to sit at one table when serving visitors indoors. Drinking and eating while standing is not allowed. Individuals who sit at different tables must keep the distance of at least 2 metres; in case of partitions used, a distance of 1 metre is sufficient. All requirements to be followed by mass catering establishments on how to serve individuals with the National Certificate are available here.

All leisure services are allowed
From 1 June, all leisure services are allowed. When providing services to the National Certificate holders, the number of people is not limited. If leisure services are provided to those who have no National Certificate, the are of 20 m² must be guaranteed per visitor.

Museums and sightseeing
In museums, galleries and other exposition spaces indoors, as well as libraries and reading rooms, the number of visitors with the National Certificate is no longer limited. In case of attending visitors with no National Certificate an area of 10 m² per visitor must be guaranteed inside. No limits are imposed on the number of visitors outdoors.