National Certificate: important for businesses to know


2021 05 20


With the upcoming launch of the National Certificate on 24 May, the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation provides key information on what businesses should about it. According to the Ministry’s estimates, at the beginning of June almost 1.5 million people will already have access to the National Certificate without testing.

What activities will the National Certificate cover?

The National Certificate will allow people to eat inside restaurants, cafés and other catering establishments, as well as to attend events indoors. In this case, up to 75 % of seats will have to be filled and the number of participants will have to be up to 500 people. The National Certificate will allow entertainment in some leisure facilities, including billiards, bowling, escape rooms, table games clubs.

Also, it will be possible to take part in outdoor events with up to 2000 people. Event organisers will have to ensure online ticket sales and/or registration of participants. During the events, all participants over the age of 6 will be required to wear masks. The National Certificate will also open other leisure activities outdoors (like recreational boating), casino, sport clubs, bathhouses and swimming pools without limiting the number of visitors. The activities of night clubs are still prohibited.

The National Certificate will also remove restrictions on the number of people participating in personal celebrations in case they are organised in rented premises, such as rural tourism homesteads. With the National Certificate, accommodation of several family members will be allowed in one room.

Website for checking the validity of National Certificate

A special website has been created to check the National Certificate; once logged in, it will be possible to read the QR code of the National Certificate by phone or tablet. After reading the QR code, the verifyer will see a green or red colour on the screen (green when the National Certificate is valid, red – when not valid). No additional documents or extracts are required to check the National Certificate; verifiers may only  ask for an identity document to make sure that the National Certificate has been produced by an individual whom it belongs to.

Printed documents will also be available

During the transition period, verifiers will have to accept  documents in printed form: for Lithuanian citizens – the printed National Certificate; for tourists – the vaccination documents issued in another country. For individuals under 16 years of age, it will be enough to present an identity card if they wish to benefit from milder quarantine conditions.

Validity of the National Certificate will be recorded from the moment of the beginning of service

If little time is left until the expiry of the National Certificate (an hour or half an hour) but at the time of checking the National Certificate is still valid, such individuals may use the services even after the test is no longer valid; for example, they may stay at the event until the ends. The same rule applies to personal celebrations.

Requirements for mass catering establishments

It is foreseen that up to 10 individuals will be allowed to sit at one table inside restaurants and cafes, except for members of one family or one household. Individuals who sit at different tables must keep the distance of at least 2 metres; in case of partitions used, a distance of 1 metre is sufficient. 


Persons offering services are responsible for all individuals inside to have the National Certificate: in the case of a restaurant, the owner is responsible, in the case of an event, the organiser is responsible. In the case of the renting or subrenting of premises for personal celebrations (weddings, etc.), a rent contract has to be concluded with responsibility assumed by the organiser of the celebration. In case of no rent contract in place, the owner of the premises will be responsible for all individuals present to have the National Certificate.