National Certificate: important information for those who do testing


2021 05 24


The Ministry of the Economy and Innovation notes that the main testing method for obtaining the National Certificate should be rapid antigen tests because their results are obtained most rapidly.

The test result for the National Certificate will be valid for 24 hours from the moment of sampling, i.e. from the time of carrying out the test but not from the entering of the test results into the eHealth system. It is therefore important that individuals who want to go to let’s say a concert in the evening do not postpone testing to the last moment.

Obtaining the test result does not mean that the data is already available in the eHealth system; the test result must be entered into this system by the experts who have carried out the test. eHealth data in the National Certificate platform will be updated on a regular basis; yet, data transmission may also take some time.

Therefore, it is recommended to use rapid antigen tests to obtain the National Certificate: the entering of their results into the eHealth system takes about a couple of hours while PCR tests are carried out in laboratories and their results can be introduced in the eHealth system even after 24 hours.

Registration for the test is available by phone 1808 or online The COVID-19 testing will be available at municipal mobile stations or other test sites appointed by municipalities, e.g. in special points and elsewhere. Testing there will be free of charge. Residents will also be able to take tests at private healthcare facilities at their own expense.

It is planned that in the near future, individuals with antibody test results will also be able to benefit from the National Certificate.

As of May 24, all Lithuanian citizens from 16 years of age will be able to obtain the National Certificate. For individuals under 16, it will suffice to present an identity card if they wish to benefit from milder quarantine conditions.