Opening data to business and society


2021 01 28


Minister of the Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė, who met remotely with Director General of SE Centre of Registers Saulius Urbanavičius, talked about how to open data to the business and society, also, discussed data security issues and a possibility of establishing a digital embassy.  

According to OECD data, Lithuania ranked 32 out of 34 countries in 2019 according to its data opening policy. If public authorities implement the EU recommendations on opening up more data, the Lithuanian economy growth could make nearly one billion euros.  

‘Lithuania has to finally rise from this bottom of open data and reach the level of developed countries of the world. Modern businesses, like high-tech and the digital ones, especially need open data to create and develop their products. Open data is an indicator of state progress and transparency, and  the Centre of Registers must therefore implement this policy,’ said Armonaitė.  

Today, the Centre of Registers will open more data from the Register of Legal Entities. They will provide the public with free access to information about businesses, public authorities’ leaders and share capital or companies that are late in submitting their financial statements. This will allow the public to see and understand more easily the picture of companies, organisations and authorities operating in Lithuania.  

During the meeting, the Minister stressed that the most important priorities also include the opening of data to the media, which guarantees the public’s right to know and is a pillar of liberal democracy. Director of the Centre of Registers assured Minister Armonaitė that they are ready to participate in the ongoing discussions in the Seimas and seek solutions on how to implement the opening and provision of data to the media.  

At the meeting, the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation and the Centre of Registers also agreed that to ensure data security and prevent crises, copies of the data could be stored in the digital embassy in one of our allied countries. Estonia has established this kind of embassy, which meets the highest security standards, in Luxembourg and has promised to share experience with Lithuania in this regard.  

The Minister also stressed the need to ensure full data security in Lithuania as well. The incident that happened last summer, when water flooded the state’s vital premises at the Centre of Registers after a heavy rain in Vilnius, only highlighted physical data security gaps. At the meeting, Director of the Centre of Registers presented measures taken to avoid similar incidents in the future.