Prestigious Taiwanese Golden Pin Award goes to Lithuanian designer for exceptional guitars


2023 12 01

2023 12 01.jpg

Rapolas Gražys, the founder of Lava-Drops, a company that produces innovative electric guitars, has won the Taiwanese Golden Pin Award for Best Design. This year, 10 designers from around the world were selected to compete in the final in September.  

"This award is not only an inspiration for other developers and designers to implement innovative ideas, but also a proof that we have many talented people who successfully promote the name of Lithuania internationally. I congratulate the founder of Lava-Drops for his outstanding work, his contribution to the Lithuanian economy and the improvement of the country's image," said Aušrinė Armonaitė, Minister of the Economy and Innovation. 
Lava-Drops, which received the award, creates sustainable drop-shaped guitars from a mix of sapele and maple wood, incorporating aluminium aircraft parts.  R. Gražys' work has been presented at exhibitions of contemporary art, music and innovation around the world. He has also won a Red Dot award.

Also competing for the Best Design title were Taiwanese design company Ystudio, with food boxes made from recycled coffee capsules; Taiwanese company PEGA Design, which created AI-powered headphones; and Morus Technology, a Chinese company that developed a unique clothes dryer that resembles a space plane.

Also among the finalists were Malaysia's Where's Gut Studio, which created an exclusive design and sustainability publication, and Singapore's Roots, which developed 100% natural coconut water and its exclusive packaging. Thailand's Studio Miti, which combined contemporary art and traditional architecture to create a hotel that preserves the cultural heritage of Chiang Sen, was also a finalist.

Other finalists include a sustainable and eco-friendly building design using transparent materials by Taiwan's C.M. Chao Architect & Planners and Motif Planning & Design Consultants; an innovative digital newspaper for students by Taiwan's Curriculum Reform Initiative Taskforce and Agenda for Art and Design Education; and projects to promote and showcase the city of Taitung by Taiwan's PiliWu-Design.