Relaxing quarantine restrictions on business: individual services, reopening of more shops allowed


2021 02 11


From Monday (15 February), the restrictions on quarantine for business will be eased; it will be possible to provide beauty treatment and other individual services while maintaining safe distance; non-food and flower shops will be able to resume activities. The Lithuanian Government has approved these proposals.

‘With the decreasing number of COVID-19-infected cases  in Lithuania  we can cautiously and gradually allow the reopening of some trade and service providers whose activities have been restricted due to the pandemic. With safety and distance requirements in place, including the requirement of limiting the number of people, non-food shops, beauty salons and hairdressers will be able to work again; other individual services, like individual or outdoor training, will also be available,’ says Minister of the Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė.

From Monday, non-food shops, kiosks and pavilions (except for kiosks and pavilions in the marketplace) with a sales area not exceeding 300 m² will be allowed to resume their activities. The commercial area is defined as the hall’s area intended to serve buyers and to arrange goods, including changing booths/areas as well. The commercial area covers no administrative premises, warehouses, backroom space, workshops, staircases, sanitary premises.

Sales outlets will also have to ensure a serving area of 20 m² or providing services to only one customer. The stores will be required to have a direct entrance from the outside and control customer flows. Sales cannot be carried out yet in marketplace pavilions with many stores under one roof.

Relaxing restrictions will allow outside trading in non-food products on temporal installations, like counters, stands and stalls. This type of trading can take place both in open marketplaces and in other public outlets.

From Monday, selling flowers both indoors and outdoors will resume. Flowers will be available in all outlets, including the marketplace and supermarkets. Flower sellers will have to ensure a sales area of at least 15 m² or to serve only one customer at one time.

With quarantine restrictions relaxed, hairdressers and beauty salons offering all kinds of beauty services will be able to resume activities from Monday; the services include face, body and hair care, manicure and pedicure, hair removing with wax, tattoos, piercing and permanent make-up.

Other individual services that allow contact between one service provider and one user and that last no longer than 15 minutes will also be available, including massages, individual training, personal consultations and individual workouts outside.

When the individual service requires a contact of less than 15 minutes between the service provider and the recipient, the service provision area of 10 m2 will have to be ensured; where the contact is longer than 15 minutes the service area of 20 m2 will be required or in both cases no more than one recipient is to be served simultaneously.

Since Monday, individual activities outdoors supervised by coaches and instructors will also be allowed for one recipient.

Both trade and individual services require safe distancing and controlling the flow of customers. Besides, it is necessary to wear persons protective equipment and make disinfectants available.

Individual service providers and vendors will have a possibility to be tested for the COVID-19 disease. Employee testing and registration-related information is available by phone number 1808.

Leisure, sports, entertainment, swimming pools, discotheques, dance halls and cinemas activities are not allowed yet.

More information on the business conditions during the quarantine and the proposed assistance measures is available on the website of the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation: https: //