Ryanair Plans Aircraft Technical Maintenance Centre in Kaunas


2011 11 14


Ryanair, the Irish airline, plans to establish an aircraft technical maintenance centre at Kaunas Airport by investing over LTL 12 million. The project, which is expected to offer up to 60 new jobs and will receive LTL 4.143 million in the European Union’s structural funding, is due to start in 2012.

Ryanair plans to build a new 3,500 square metre hangar for technical maintenance inside Kaunas Airport. It will feature specific equipment and personnel trained according to special programs. The new centre is due to service first aircraft in autumn 2012.

The letter of intent regarding the investment project was signed by Rimantas Žylius, the Lithuanian Minister of Economy, and Michael Hickey, Ryanair’s Director of Engineering.

“The new technical maintenance centre at Kaunas Airport is good news both for the city and the whole of Lithuania. The airline’s decision to invest has been based on the experience it gained during several years of operation here as well as the evaluation of business conditions and qualification of workforce. The investment, which covers both aircraft maintenance and specialist training, points to Ryanair’s long-term plans in Lithuania,” Žylius said.

Ryanair’s Michael Hickey pointed out that in terms of expansion opportunities Kaunas Airport is more attractive compared to many European airports. Ryanair operates aircraft maintenance centres in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Lithuania proposed Ryanair to launch its aircraft maintenance centre in Kaunas in the spring of 2010. Invest Lithuania, a non profit organisation under the Ministry of Economy, has consulted the airline on various investment-related issues.

In addition to that, Invest Lithuania, together with the Kaunas Regional Job Office and Kaunas Airport, has initiated a search of personnel for the new centre according to Ryanair’s requirements. Almost 200 people expressed interest in acquiring a qualification as aircraft technicians while 18 selected candidates have already begun attending requalification courses at the Kaunas University of Technology.

“The project will expand the market of aviation engineering services in Lithuania and will encourage young people to opt for careers as aviation technicians. It is likely that Ryanair will be followed by more companies working in the global aviation industry and our institutions of education will be encouraged to adjust their programs according to the practical needs of the market,” said Mantas Nocius, General Manager of Invest Lithuania.

Ryanair is Europe’s largest airline in terms of passengers. It operates more than 1,500 daily flights between 160 airports. Ryanair’s fleet currently consists of 272 new Boeing 737-800s and is to add 39 more of these aircraft in the coming years.