The Government approved the amendments to the Law on Management of State Information Resources


2022 03 23


The Government of the Republic of Lithuania approved the amendments to the Law on Management of State Information Resources, that were initiated by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, which will open up opportunities for storing selected state data not only in public but also in private data centres both in Lithuania and abroad.

‘Data security is a priority. We invest a lot in security of information resources and modernization of the infrastructure. But, given the circumstances, we want to take another step towards the security of additional copies of our data, and allow storage of copies of such data within the territory of the European Union and across the Atlantic. These safeguards will help us protect ourselves against cyber-attacks or other threats. Our thanks to the Ministry of National Defence for their assistance in finding a compromise model’, - says Aušrinė Armonaitė, Minister of Economy and Innovation.

It is proposed to impose an obligation by the amendments to the law to store critical and important state information resources not only in the national data centres, but also to have their copies in the data centres located in the EU, NATO or European Economic Area countries. Such data centres will have to meet the same technical requirements for cyber security and national security interests as national data centres.

It is envisaged that contracts with IT service providers on the storage of information resources in private data centres will be entered into by an institution authorised by the Government.

‘Hard work in realising the planned amendments to the law awaits us. We will have to take an inventory, that is, classify data, approve the concept of using cloud services, identify the necessary architectural solutions, and strengthen competencies’, - emphasizes the Minister.

The law, that is currently in force, enshrines that state data can only be stored in national data centres. The preparation of this draft law began a year ago and was coordinated with all responsible authorities.