The Most Efficient Organisations and Companies Which Conducted Public Procurement Have Been Elected


2023 11 24


The Ministry of the Economy and Innovation, together with the Public Procurement Office, have elected five organisations and companies that have been most innovative and smartest in public procurement as well as those that have applied best management practices in 2023. 

‘Public procurement is a particularly important and high-value area for the Lithuanian economy, since the value of concluded contracts in public procurement is with more than EUR 8 billion per year. Therefore, a professionally managed public procurement may lead to major and innovative changes in our country. Successful implementation of the public procurements encourages innovation, transparent and efficient use of public funds, thus, creating even more opportunities for Lithuania and its citizens’, says Erika Kuročkina, the Vice-Minister of Economy and Innovation.

This year, the best procurement in the category of the most innovative procurement was the procurement of the design, development, implementation, documentation preparation and update, user training, warranty maintenance and support services of the information system of the Public Institution CPO LT. It was awarded for its innovative management of the system development process and the innovative solutions implemented to speed up procurement processes. The new information system of CPO LT will facilitate the conditions for the users of the electronic catalogue of CPO LT, which includes 5,000 contracting organisations and 1,800 suppliers.

The winner in the category of the most smartly organised procurement was the procurement of festive decoration of the city’s streets with luminous elements for Merry Christmas and New Year by Vilnius City Municipality Administration. It was awarded for involving the society in the procurement process. The citizens of Vilnius were given the opportunity to express their views on the aesthetic design of the decorations, which meant that the purchased decorations were in line with society’s expectations.  

There were 3 winners in the Best Management Practice category. Mažeikiai District Municipality Administration was recognised for its well-organised preparation for centralising the procurement of municipal institutions. Ignitis Group was awarded for best management practices in promoting responsible supplier behaviour, Sustainable Procurement and Robotics, and the State Enterprise Turto bankas was awarded for improving the professionalism of the procurement initiation process.

Mažeikiai District Municipality Administration has been particularly active in involving employees in the centralisation of public procurement. They were provided with a lot of new knowledge and digital tools. The municipality administration also paid a lot of attention to informing about the essence and benefits of the changes.

‘As a part of its good management practices, Ignitis Group has made a Code of Conduct for the Group’s Suppliers, setting out the standards of business conduct public, and has set up a system to monitor compliance with the Code. In addition, Ignitis Group has initiated the development and implementation of a socially responsible procurement model, the application of which actively promotes socially responsible procurement. The companies of Ignitis Group carry out around 3,600 public procurements a year for the amount higher than EUR 1 billion. To help manage the high volume of procurements, Ignitis Group has developed 20 robotic solutions that save more than 2,000 man-hours a year and avoid process errors. 

In order to improve the professionalism of the procurement initiation process, the State Enterprise Turto bankas has viewed the procurement initiation process as a crucial function of the pre-procurement phase in the overall procurement process. By bringing together the procurement initiators of its largest business unit into one group, the state enterprise has successfully ensured an analysis of high quality needs, procurement planning and initiation, and targeted staff development.

This is the fourth year that the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation, together with the Public Procurement Office, has organised the election of the most efficient public procurement.

The winners’ presentations can be found on Youtube channel of the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation.