The National Certificate is already available to Lithuanian residents who were vaccinated or had coronavirus abroad


2021 10 20

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The National Certificate is already available to Lithuanian citizens who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 or have had coronavirus abroad.

‘The Centre of Registers has completed the introduction of new technical solutions to expand the range of the National Certificate users; both vaccination received abroad and positive PCR tests will allow people with a Lithuanian personal identification number to obtain the National Certificate,’ says Minister of the Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė.

To obtain the National Certificate it is important for individuals to ensure that information about their vaccination or being ill with corovavirus abroad is entered into the eHealth system; the individuals will have to submit the original documents to the vaccination centre or a health care institution.
Lithuanian citizens can obtain the National Certificate when both vaccine doses were received abroad and information certifying this fact is entered into the sub-system on foreign vaccines; also, if one vaccine is received abroad and the other is received in Lithuania or if the fact about having had coronavirus is confirmed by a positive PCR test result.  

If an individual has received only one of the two vaccine doses abroad, information about it will also be entered into a specially designed eHealth sub-system upon submitting supporting documentation. A resident who has received the first vaccine dose abroad will be able to register for the second vaccine dose in Lithuania in compliance with intervals set between the vaccines specified by the manufacturer. If the first vaccine dose was received in Lithuania and the second dose was received abroad, the National Certificate would be available when the necessary number of days have pass following vaccination.

Note that only data about vaccination with vaccines authorised in the EU (Comirnaty, Janssen, Spikevax or Vaxzevria) may be transferred.

The National Certificate will be valid for 210 days after obtaining the positive PCR abroad. The QR code of the National Certificate needs to be updated every 60 days.

Those who use e-banking can obtain the National Certificate from, also, in pharmacies, post offices, SoDra and the units of the Centre of Registers.

The EU digital Covid certificate is also available to Lithuanian residents who were vaccinated or had coronavirus abroad.