The National Certificate will be available on an Internet website


2021 05 11


The National Certificate will be available on a specially designed website after performing just two steps: you‘ll have to enter personal authentication data and save the received QR code in your phone or computer.

As the public raises many questions about the use of the National Certificate, the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation informs that technical works for developing the National Certificate are in the final stage at the moment. Before its launch (24 May) all details on how it will work will be presented to the public.

Two separate webpages are being created for the National Certificate in Lithuanian and English. One of them is designed for residents who wish to obtain the National Certificate and another  is for those who will be checking the validity of this document. The addresses of both websites will be published before the launch of the National Certificate.

Those who will be willing to obtain the National Certificate will have to enter personal authentication data via the e government gateway and to save the received QR code in your phone or computer. No further proof or extracts will be required; this code, which is the National Certificate, will be in your smart device; it will also be available in a pdf format or a printed copy.

Residents who have no technical possibilities to use electronic authentication tools will be able to obtain the National Certificate free of charge in the Centre of Registers’ customer service units after producing an identity document. There are 50 such units in Lithuania; the list of them is available here.

No special equipment is required for inspecting the National Certificate; it will be possible to scan the code by phone or tablet. After reading the QR code, the verifier will see a green or red colour on the screen (green when the National Certificate is valid, red – when not valid). Where necessary, the identity of an individual may be checked upon producing an identity document. The National Certificate will only contain identify data, including name, surname and the date of birth.

Residents of Lithuania will be able to start using the National Certificate on 24 May. It will offer more freedom to businesses and people will be able to use services more widely. Three groups of individuals will have access the National Certificate: those who have been vaccinated against coronavirus, those who have had coronavirus and those who have a negative COVID-19 test. This document will offer more safety to both service providers and customers – everybody will be sure that individuals gathered in one room pose no risk of infection.