The representative of the Lithuanian laser industry has been recognized internationally


2022 04 12


Lithuania has gained international recognition in the field of lasers – Gediminas Račiukaitis, who is the President of the Lithuanian Laser Association, was elected to hold the position of the Vice-Chair of Extreme Light Infrastructure General Assembly. Extreme Light Infrastructure is the largest world's centre for laser systems of high power and intensity, and of a short pulse.

‘My congratulations to dear G. Račiukaitis and I am glad that Lithuania is among the world leaders in laser manufacturing. It was a long path - the first laser beam in Lithuania was lit 56 years ago. And now, lasers that were developed in Lithuania can be found on all continents. They are used in 95 out of 100 world's best universities. The activities of our academic community and business prove that even a geographically small country, can be a very important participant in the laser market. A participant that manufactures high value-added products and provides the services of the highest technological level‘, - says Jovita Neliupšienė, Vice Minister of Economics and Innovation.

In recent days, Vilnius has become the heart of the European laser sector – the annual general meeting of the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) is held here on April 7-8.

The EPIC is the world’s leading industry association, which promotes sustainable development in Europe of organizations that work in the field of photonics. This association is represented by more than 750 companies. It fosters an active ecosystem of photonics, promotes technological and commercial progress, and provides various assistance to companies.

The association publishes the market and technology reports, organises technical seminars and business roundtable discussions, supports EU funding proposals, advocates for lobbying, educational and training activities, and takes care of the presentation of the sector at exhibitions.