Vilnius Innovation Forum: economy based eco innovations


2013 12 06


On the second day of the Vilnius Innovation Forum Innovation Drift, the participants mostly focus on eco-innovation. Discussions and presentations on the topic are given by representatives of the European Commission, international businesses and non-governmental organizations.

Peter Boyd, the key speaker of the second day of the forum, a fellow of Sir Richard Branson, the COO of the Carbon War Room organisation, fighting climate change, emphasized that eco-innovation is a challenge, however, there are opportunities for that in every business sector. ‘There are many profitable opportunities for eco decisions’, said Mr. Boyd. He introduced his organization’s projects aimed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and save natural resources on the global scale.

The business sector representatives, participating in the discussion, emphasized that the changes in this area should be carried out at micro level, while talking on the attention the greatest global companies pay to eco-innovation. ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed entrepreneurs can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has,’ quoted Mr. Boyd.

‘Sustainability is not a choice for large companies anymore. It can be a business opportunity also. Successful sustainable innovation is based on science, consumer understanding and education and it is about maximizing environmental benefits’, said Darius Sabaliūnas, Head of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Department at Procter & Gamble.

Speakers and participants of the Vilnius Innovation Forum continued to debate compatibility of eco-innovation and business development, shared the regional, and even continental experience in installing the green innovation.

Eco-innovation theme was closed by the session of success stories of the Lithuanian and foreign entrepreneurs. In this session, the experience in developing ‘green’ business was shared by the Lithuanian environmentally-friendly straw bale house construction company Ecococone, the Danish company Rebrick Project, renewing constructions by re-using old bricks, and other companies, developing eco-friendly and innovative projects.

More than 600 participants, 100 speakers from around the world are gathered in the Vilnius Innovation Forum. More than 10 topics are presented for discussion, the speakers will give dozens of presentations and will participate in dozens of debates. The event involves senior officials of the European Commission, CEOs of the most innovative businesses, business and science leaders of Lithuania and the world, public sector representatives.

The Vilnius Innovation Forum ‘Innovation Drift’ is one of Lithuania's Presidency of the EU Council events. The forum is funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Informational Forum partners: LRT, Delfi, IQ and The Lithuania Tribune.

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