We are inviting skilled Belarusian professionals and businesses to get established in Lithuania


2020 09 09


The Ministry of the Economy and Innovation together with other Lithuanian institutions and social partners aims to create conditions for easier establishment in Lithuania for Belarusian businesses that generate high value added and for competent professionals of this country. On the initiative of the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation, meetings with representatives of state institutions and business associations are held to discuss the main obstacles, challenges and proposals on how to attract those Belarusian companies and professionals to Lithuania.

‘Given the current situation in Belarus, we believe that qualified employees and businesses of this country who want to move could do so by choosing Lithuania. We invite Belarusian citizens and businesses to get established in our country. The Lithuanian labour market is facing a shortage of skilled specialists, which is particularly evident in the field of information technology, so professionals who wish to come from Belarus might as well fill this niche’, – says Minister of the Economy and Innovation Rimantas Sinkevičius. 

According to the Minister, for high value-added Belarusian companies to get established in our country our own efforts are needed. The Ministry of the Economy and Innovation has already started meetings with representatives of other institutions and social partners to assess the challenges faced by Belarusian businesses willing to get established in our country. Consultations are held on how quickly and effectively these issues might be addressed.

‘We are analysing and discussing how to overcome the main arising challenges: how to simplify migration procedures, provide an opportunity for companies and individuals from third countries to open an account with Lithuanian banks and how to improve the tax environment. Failing to address these challenges would create big obstacles for Belarusian companies and highly skilled professionals to come to Lithuania. Therefore, we need to devote joint efforts to create conditions for skilled Belarussian professionals from various fields to come to Lithuania. This requires the improvement of immigration procedures. Starting from next week, Belarusian professionals will be able to apply for a temporary residence permit in Lithuania both when they come to Lithuania and also by submitting an application remotely’, says Vice-Minister Marius Skuodis.

It is now considered to give up excessive unnecessary documents, simplify the rules for visa issue and the requirements for staff qualifications. Infrastructure development would also help attract qualified Belarusian professionals as they would come to Lithuania with their families.