Working Party on Competitiveness and Growth to discuss innovative small business


2013 07 12


On 14–16 July, the meeting of the EU Council Working Party on Competitiveness and Growth (attaché) is to be held in Vilnius and Trakai. The discussion will focus on the EU Single Market for innovative small and medium-sized enterprises. The participants will discuss obstacles faced by SME’s in developing their activities in the EU internal market and measures to be taken to improve the business environment in the EU.

The meeting will involve Attaché from the EU Member States resident in Brussels and responsible for internal market, small and medium-sized business, better regulation and industry policy files. Delegates from the European Commission directorates and the EU Council General Secretariat will also be present. The representatives of the Lithuanian business sector and financial engineering services company INVEGA will deliver addresses.
The participants will visit a Lithuanian business company engaged in water management projects, renewable energy development and metal processing services. Representatives of the Vilnius City Municipality will introduce the capital city extension plans and development projects.
The EU Council Working Party on Competitiveness and Growth (attaché) meeting is a traditional event for a discussion on current topics of the EU economy competitiveness, held in the presiding Member State once in their six-month presidency.