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2022 12 29
1 billion for the Lithuanian economy: calls for support have already been announced for €215 million

In three months, the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation has launched calls for almost €215 million out of the nearly €1 billion in financial support foreseen to strengthen the Lithuanian economy by the end of 2023. This accounts for about one fifth of the total amount planned.

2022 12 23
1 billion for the Lithuanian economy: the European Space Agency's business incubator launches

Ministry of the Economy and Innovation (EIMIN) is investing in the growth of the space industry and the promotion of space start-ups. The European Space Agency Business Incubator (ESA BIC Lithuania) is being set up in Lithuania to bring together space start-ups, provide them with technical and consultancy support and support the ...

2022 12 16
1 billion euro for the Lithuanian economy, and nearly €19 million – for the integration of state data into the data lake

In Lithuania, citizens and businesses can access more than 95% of services digitally. The Ministry of the Economy and Innovation (EIMIN) will continue to invest in digitisation. The latest investments have been planned for moving public sector data into a common space to enable its ...

2022 12 15
Lithuania rises up ending up 13th in the European Open Data Survey

This year, Lithuania has risen one position up in the annual European Data Portal survey, which assesses open data policies and their practical implementation, ranking 13th among 35 countries. Lithuania surpassed such countries as the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Finland and Sweden.

O. Gončarova.jpg
2022 12 06
Olga Gončarova will head the tourism promotion agency "Lithuania travel"

Olga Gončarova, who has been temporarily in charge of the agency until now, has won the competition for the position of Director of the public agency "Lithuania travel ", which was announced by  Ministry of the Economy and Innovation, beating out 19 other candidates. 

2022 12 05
Third Lithuanian Commercial Attaché to Germany starts work

Lithuania is expanding its economic representation network in one of the most important markets for our country, Germany, and strengthening its team of commercial attachés. Lina Gudelionytė-Gylienė and Arūnas Šarka will be joined by Inga Rovbutas. She becomes the third Commercial Attaché in Germany. 

2022 12 05
Opportunity for Lithuanian Business to Strengthen the Semiconductor Industry and Improve Approach to Circular Economy

Lithuania, together with other European Union (EU) Member States, has an opportunity to further strengthen the country’s high value-added semiconductor industry, help solve the shortage of semiconductor chips and access the necessary funding.

Ukrainos veliava.jpg
2022 12 02
A.Armonaitė met with Ukrainian students

Today, Minister of the Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė met with students of the Shevchenko University of Ukraine. During the meeting, students were interested in the consequences of the ongoing war in Ukraine for Lithuania and the world, as well as the prospects for Ukraine's economic recovery.

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2022 11 30
Exports of Lithuanian goods to Southeast Asia and Australia surge

Although exports of Lithuanian goods to China declined significantly in the first nine months of this year, overall exports of Lithuanian goods to the Southeast Asian region are growing strongly and are offsetting the loss of exports to China.

2022 11 30
K. Žemaitis invites Japanese robotics giant to invest in Lithuania

Karolis Žemaitis, Deputy Minister of the Economy and Innovation, met with representatives of Fanuc, a Japanese manufacturer of industrial robots and digital control systems, on Tuesday and presented the business ecosystem in Lithuania and invited the Japanese company to invest in our country.

ABĮ- Naujas.jpg
2022 11 18
Changes to the Law on Companies will improve the business environment and help start-ups to attract investment

Seimas approved amendments to the Law on Companies drafted by the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation, which will substantially improve the conditions for growing companies to attract investment, encourage the use of digital tools in decision-making and enable shareholders,  small ones in particular, to ...

2022 11 09
1 billion for the Lithuanian economy: a call for an e-invoice exchange tool

Ministry of the Economy and Innovation is calling for project implementation plans for the creation of an electronic invoice exchange tool out of the EUR 1 billion earmarked for the economy.

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