Human Resources Development

The Ministry of the Economy and Innovation is involved in shaping the policy of the development of human resources and is responsible for its implementation. Human resources mean working age population (from the age of 16 to the post-retirement age) while the development of human resources is the process of expansion and deepening of knowledge, skills and competences of the said population.  

Policy implementation in the field of human resources is aimed to:

  • develop forecasting and monitoring system of human resources which could help link  job with qualification and offer the possibility to follow and measure the results of education on the basis of objective evidence;
  • create jobs attractive to skilled employees;
  • develop life-long learning possibilities. Adults and especially older workers will be strongly encouraged to regularly update and develop their competences through their participation in vocational training and continuous education. With the growing demand for life-long learning more flexible education methods as well as specialized education services and efficient instruments to recognise non-formal and informal learning results will be required;
  • further improve the system of vocational guidance. Guidance and counselling services aimed to facilitate the transition from education to work or job transitions need to contribute to the life-long learning possibilities in both initial and continuous training;
  • develop the system of capacity assessment and acquisition of qualification to the working population.