2014-2020 programming period

During the 2014–2020 programming period, major focus and support is given to research, development and innovation R&D&I (about EUR 396 million), small and medium-sized business development (about EUR 541 million), the enhancement of energy efficiency of industrial enterprises (EUR 23 million), the dissemination of information related to natural and cultural objects (about EUR 25 million), the development of social business ((EUR 2,9 million) and the increase of competence of human resources (about EUR 84 million).

The support for R&D&I covers the most important areas like research, development and innovation, the promotion of clustering, the promotion and spread of innovation, the attraction of foreign direct investment and the enhancement of demand for innovation. 

The 2014–2020 programming period is different from the previous one (2007-2013) as the support under business instruments are exclusively granted to small and medium-sized business. In 2014-2020,  the granting of the EU fund investments is encouraged through financial instruments rather than subsidies. Another distinctive feature of the 2014–2020 programming period is access to support at more favorable terms for those companies which will be implementing projects in the regions.

In 2014-2020 programming period, the support for small and medium-sized business is focused on the promotion of entrepreneurship, the enhancement of productivity and export (including also private tourism support initiatives) as well as the introduction of eco-innovation.

In addition, considerable focus will be placed on investment through financial instruments (loans, guarantees, risk capital funds, etc.) as this support granting approach is less likely to distort competition. Moreover, this generates the return of funds which may be re-invested in other companies.

During the 2014-2020 programming period, EU innvestments to both small and large industrial enterprises are given seeking to reduce their energy intensity aiming to promote the use of renewable energy resources and the enhancement of energy efficiency of industrial enterprises; investments are also given to companies for carrying out of energy audits.

Unlike in 2007-2013 programming period, when the EU support was mainly targeted at public tourism infrastructure, in 2014-2020 programming period, the EU fund investments for public tourism are exclusively aimed to increase awareness about the objects of natural and cultural heritage. The EU investments (about EUR 25 million) are focused on various tourism marketing instruments, designed to promote natural and cultural heritage objects, situated on the national tourism routes, as well as the object marking.

The EU investments (about EUR 2.9 million) are provided for the promotion of new social business aiming to focus on addressing social problems of socially vulnerable individuals who are sensitive to socio-economic challenges and risks. A new 'Support for social business' pilot measure is implemented and aimed to provide society with the services and goods needed to solve specific social problems. 

During the 2014-2020 programming period, the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation offers EU investments for implementing projects aimed to raise and develop apprenticeship and sectorial competences as well as create the forecasting and development mechanism of the monitoring of human resources.

Last updated: 09-09-2020