Export promotion policy

Lithuania’s export promotion policy follows the principles set by the EU Common Commercial Policy.

The Guidelines of Export Development for 2014-2020 providing directions for export development is the main document adopted by order of the Minister of Economy of Lithuania No 4-339 of 22 May 2015, aimed to establish export promotion policy and its measures.

Considering the production potential of the sector, development opportunities, orientation to higher value-added products or services, as well as their exports and the ability to respond quickly to global market trends, criteria which promote the development of exports were established.

Priority Lithuanian export development objectives:

  • maintain our export position in foreign markets;
  • penetration into new markets, especially in third countries;
  • promote the export development of higher value-added goods and services.

Considering the market size and growth potential, active Lithuania’s business interest, favorable conditions for Lithuanian exporters, the geographical aspect, market demand compliance with the Lithuanian export opportunities and export trends, three equivalent priority export market groups were identified.

The Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of Lithuania and other state institutions along with the government agency Enterprise Lithuania implement the measures and projects seeking to promote entrepreneurship of the Lithuanian companies, increase their competitiveness, help Lithuanian companies penetrate to the international markets, as well as provide public services to businesses, especially SMEs to enhance competitiveness and promote the internationalization of business. Implementation of these measures is financed from the national budget and from the European Union’s structural funds.

Last updated: 09-09-2020