Business Environment Department

Post First name, surname Telephone E-mail
Director Tomas Urban +37070664867
Better Regulation Policy Division
Head Jelena Dilienė +37070664778
Adviser Vyginta Damzenienė +37070663678
Chief Specialist Roberta Valinčienė +37070664828
Chief Specialist Agnė Ribinskienė +37070664738
Chief Specialist Justė Bulytė
Business Supervision Policy Division
Head Aidas Kuolas +37070664634
Chief Specialist Lina Rumčikienė +37070664810
Chief Specialist Valteris Mūžas +37070664656
Administrator of a Project Indrė Pažarskienė +37070664756
Head of a Project Irmina Valytė +37060553936
Business Policy Division
Head Ieva Žaunierienė +37070664607
Adviser Donata Gipiškienė +37070664707
Adviser Inga Burlėgienė +37070664729
Chief Specialist Inga Girdžiūnaitė +37070664758
Chief Specialist Simona Gaidytė
Last updated: 22-06-2020