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2020 11 25
COVID-19-related restrictions (updated on 25 November 2020)

Resolution  declaring quarantine on the territory of the Republic of Lithuania  is available  here  (unofficial translation) (consolidated version as of 20-11-2020).  

2020 11 10
Baltic Sea Tourism Forum opens

The 13rd Baltic Sea Tourism Forum (BJTF) was launched on 10 November. It is one of the events of the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea States. The four-day forum will discuss the current tourism situation in the Baltic Sea Region, possible actions and initiatives aimed to overcome unforeseen challenges; it will also cover the importance...

2020 10 15
The funding of EUR 53 million for industrial digitisation projects

On the initiative of the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation 124 Lithuanian industry digitisation projects receive EUR 53 million of funding. Under the EU ‘Industry Digitisation LT’ investment instrument, the national industrial enterprises will be able to more effectively assess the need for the digitisation of production processes and install equipment to...

2020 09 30
The Ministry’s initiative: more opportunities to open accounts for third-party businesses

At the meeting on Wednesday, the Government approved the proposal of the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation to allow companies to open cumulative accounts both in banks and also in electronic money institutions in the stage of their establishment. For this reason, the Law on Companies, the Law on Public Establishments and the...

2020 09 09
We are inviting skilled Belarusian professionals and businesses to get established in Lithuania

The Ministry of the Economy and Innovation together with other Lithuanian institutions and social partners aims to create conditions for easier establishment in Lithuania for Belarusian businesses that generate high value added and for competent professionals of this country. On the initiative of the Ministry of the Economy...

2020 08 12
Rimantas Sinkevičius: ‘We are working to achieve that the possible second wave of coronavirus could make as little impact on business as possible’

The Ministry of the Economy and Innovation seeking to minimize possible business losses which may be incurred as a result of the likely second wave  of the COVID-19 pandemic is ready to respond faster and better distribute the support  to businesses. The...

2020 08 09
The national economy has as yet survived the pandemic far better than expected

The most recent national economic indicators show that by now we have managed to survive the pandemic much better than expected. Payments under the Economy Promotion Plan continue and with some measures completed others are being launched.

2020 08 05
Cautious and responsible approach to travelling is encouraged

Due to the growing number of COVID-19 infections in Europe, people are encouraged to be more cautious about their plans to travel abroad.

2020 08 04
New Vice-Minister of the Economy and Innovation and Adviser to the Minister take office

From 4 August, Vitalija Jankauskaitė-Milčiuvienė, who had previously worked as Public Relations Adviser to the Minister of the Economy and Innovation, takes the position of  Vice-Minister of the Economy and Innovation, and Jonas Pinskus, former Member of the Seimas, is appointed Adviser to Minister Rimantas Sinkevičius.

2020 07 29
Face masks to be mandatory again in shops and service points

As of 1 August, protective face masks will become mandatory again to wear on public transport and in enclosed shopping and service provision locations. The Government approved the decision on Wednesday, 29 July.

2020 07 27
Alenas Gumuliauskas becomes Chancellor of the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation

From 27 July this year, Alenas Gumuliauskas, 43, who has previously worked in the financial sector and has a degree in law  and business finance, takes office as Chancellor of the Ministry the Economy and Innovation.

2020 07 23
Medical professionals will be able to benefit from a government compensation of EUR 200 for resting in Lithuania in autumn

From 1 September, medical professionals who worked during the pandemic will be able to benefit from a government compensation of EUR 200 for resting or sightseeing in Lithuania. Medical professionals who can use this service will be included in the electronic database of the public body...

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