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2021 05 11
The National Certificate will be available on an Internet website

The National Certificate will be available on a specially designed website after performing just two steps: you‘ll have to enter personal authentication data and save the received QR code in your phone or computer.

Valeškaitė. profile.jpg
2021 05 07
Ieva Valeškaitė appointed fourth Vice-Minister of the Economy and Innovation

Economist Ieva Valeškaitė, who had previously served as Minister’s Adviser, has joined the vice-ministers‘ team of Minister of the Economy and Innovation Aušinė Armonaitė. Ieva Valeškaitė will be responsible for better regulation and business supervision, taxation environment for business and for creating an economic analysis unit at the Ministry.

2021 05 05
National Certificate offering more freedom for people and businesses will be available at the end of May

In Lithuania, the National Certificate will be valid from 24 May; this National Certificate will allow businesses to work with a stronger capacity and people will be offered a wider range of services. Today, the Government approved the National Certificate conception initiated by the Ministry of the Economy and ...

2021 05 05
Aiming to use all characters of the Latin alphabet for creating company names

Today, the Government approved the proposal of the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation to allow companies registered in Lithuania to form their names in a foreign language using letters of the Latin alphabet. These amendments to the Civil Code and the Law on the State Language still have to be approved by the Seimas.

2021 05 05
Starting the Innovation Agency early next year

The Innovation Agency should be launched early next year; it will be the only body responsible for the development of the entire innovation ecosystem and for all stages of innovation activities from concept development to introduction to the market. The concept of the Innovation Agency was approved at the Government meeting on Wednesday.

2021 05 04
Aušrinė Armonaitė: it is important to both attract talents from Belarus and also offer favourable conditions for long-term activities

After meeting with leaders and founders of the main Belarusian startup centre Imaguru Tatjana Marynič and Anastasija Chamiankova Minister of the Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė invited the institution prosecuted by the regime to safely continue activities in ...

2021 04 29
Agreement with the European Space Agency will offer new opportunities for Lithuanian businesses and science

Minister of the Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė has signed Lithuania’s Associated Membership Agreement with the European Space Agency (ESA).The associated membership of ESA will strengthen the international competitiveness of national science and business and will directly benefit the country’s economy ...

2021 04 29
The goal of Invest Lithuania: in five years, to attract investments creating more than 20 thousand jobs

The public body Invest Lithuania sets goals to attract 225 direct investment projects in various fields by 2025 to create 21.5 thousand new jobs; investments in long-term assets of these projects would amount to EUR 1.2 billion. Such tasks are set out in the long-term strategy of Invest Lithuania approved by ...

Green corridor 2021-04-28.jpg
2021 04 28
Green light for major investment projects in Lithuania

On Wednesday, the Government approved a package of law implementing regulations drafted by the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation, which provides legal basis for launching large-scale investment projects of local and foreign capital in Lithuania.

2021 04 21
Belarusian businesses investing in Lithuania will enjoy incentives for transfer of employees

Today, the Government approved a package of laws initiated by the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation aimed to facilitate the transfer of companies’ employees and their family members by transferring a company’s activities (or part of activities) from third countries to Lithuania.

2021 04 20
Business Supervision Scoreboard: the Bank of Lithuania is leading with the Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission progressing most

One third of the national business supervisors perform their work in business supervision very well, but 4 out of 10 institutions are hardly progressing. The most progressive institution whose main activity is business supervision is the Bank of Lithuania, and the State ...

2021 04 15
National Certificate to open more activities currently closed

A proposal from the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation to legitimise the National Certificate has been submitted to the Government. This National Certificate will help to free up many businesses and bring some people back to activities that are paralysed due to the quarantine restrictions. 

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