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2022 06 14
To Seek More Mutual Cooperation Agreements with Taiwan

Jovita Neliupšienė, Vice-Minister of the Economy and Innovation, who is on an official visit to Taiwan, will discuss the possibility of economic agreements in specific areas in meetings with representatives of local authorities, academia and business. She will also visit the National Life Sciences Research Park and meet with representatives of the local ...

2022 06 10
Ministry Sees the Need to Extend VAT Relief for Businesses that Have Not Recovered from Pandemic

Ministry of the Economy and Innovation believes that it would be appropriate to extend the 9% VAT rate for catering establishments, sports clubs, cinemas and events for another year, as these businesses have not yet recovered from the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The reduced rate for accommodation ...

2022 06 10
Review of Contract Prices Clarified

Ministry of the Economy and Innovation has provided contracting authorities with further clarifications and solutions for reviewing fixed prices in the existing contracts or providing for the possibility to do so in the context of the award of new contracts. 

2022 06 10
A. Armonaitė to EU ministers: We must involve Ukraine in “Rail Baltica” development

Minister of the Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė attends a meeting of the Competitiveness Council of the European Union in Luxembourg . According to the Minister, the main focus today must be on restoring and consolidating disrupted supply chains in Ukraine . This requires the extension of the project “Rail Baltica” and the ...

2022 06 09
Guarantee instrument for war-affected Lithuanian businesses launched

Lithuanian businesses affected by the war in Ukraine can now apply to financial institutions that have entered into cooperation agreements with Investment and Business Guarantees UAB (INVEGA) for working capital and investment loans and leasing transactions, which will be covered by individual aid guarantees.  

2022 06 06
Innovation Agency moving to a new office, the Agency head introduced

The Innovation Agency, established by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation based on best practices abroad, started operations. On Monday, at the opening event of the Agency's new office, the head of the Agency, Romualda Stragienė, who has extensive experience in private business, was also introduced.  

2022 06 03
A. Armonaitė invites US tech giant Microsoft to expand in Lithuania

Having met with Michelle Simmons, General Manager of the Central and Eastern Europe Division of the US technology corporation Microsoft, and other representatives of the division on Friday, the Minister of Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė invited them to expand the company's activities in Lithuania. 

2022 06 03
A. Armonaitė: "More attention should be paid to Ukraine in the preparation of plans for state-owned enterprises"

The Minister of Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė met with representatives of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) to discuss the potential contribution of SOEs to the reconstruction of Ukraine's war-torn economy. It was discussed that the objectives of the companies should be more closely linked to ...

2022 06 02
European Commission approves guarantee instrument for businesses affected by the war in Ukraine

The European Commission has approved a new aid instrument for Lithuanian businesses affected by the war in Ukraine - guarantees for working capital and investment loans, and financial leasing transactions - prepared by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation. 

2022 06 01
New exclusive map will show places most visited by foreign tourists in Lithuania

Where do tourists visiting Lithuania go during the day, how do they travel, how long do they stay in a particular place? This data, which is of great interest to the country and the tourism industry, will now be available on a new online tourist mobility map. This innovation should bring significant changes to Lithuania's tourism sector, helping ...

2022 05 30
Lithuania to Reimburse the Costs of Attracting Highly Qualified Professionals from 1 July

The Seimas has approved amendments to the Law on Employment drafted by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation. In accordance with the new provisions, highly skilled biotechnology, engineering, IT and physical sciences’ specialists attracted from abroad, as well as companies employing them, will be allocated lump-sum payments.

2022 05 13
A. Armonaitė: "E-Lithuania is more secure and open than ever."

To ensure data security, for the first time in Lithuania's history, the storage of encrypted copies of Lithuania's most essential registers has been started not only in Lithuania but also in one of the NATO countries' data centers. Data security will also be guaranteed by the amendments to the Law on Management of State Information Resources adopted today in ...

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