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2022 09 22
Lithuania in the top five EU countries with the most improved innovation ecosystem

Lithuania has retained its 19th place in the European Union in the European Innovation Scoreboard 2022 published by the European Commission, and has reached its highest level in terms of innovation ecosystem development since 2015.  Latvia remained in 25th place, while Estonia lost two positions to drop to 12th.

2022 09 21
European Commission approves new aid facility for Lithuanian businesses

The European Commission has approved another aid instrument to help Lithuanian businesses affected by the war in Ukraine - loans for working capital and investment - prepared by the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation.

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2022 09 20
Lithuania’s Commercial Attaché in Chicago started service

In order to strengthen the representation of Lithuania's economic interests in the strategically important market of the United States of America, the network of our country's commercial attachés in the country is being expanded. Sergejus Tikhomirovas takes up the post of Commercial Attaché at the Consulate General of the Republic of Lithuania in Chicago. 

2022 09 20
A. Armonaitė: “Lithuanian businesses would like to work with the Polish defence sector”

On Friday, the Minister of the Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė and the Polish Minister of Economic Development and Technology Waldemar Buda met in Vilnius to discuss ways to deepen cooperation in the defence and energy sectors in order for the countries to effectively address the challenges posed by Russia's war in ...

2022 09 20
Lithuanian delegation in Taiwan searched for new business niches

A delegation of representatives of the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation and business discussed cooperation projects, visited science and research centres and explored new business niches with local authorities, academia and business in Taiwan this week.

2022 09 15
€1 billion for the Lithuanian economy: funding for digital solutions that will bring the greatest benefits to the state and society

Ministry of the Economy and Innovation this week announced investments of €1 billion  in the Lithuanian economy for the year 2022-2023. The methodology for assessing digital solutions to be developed in the public sector was approved today.

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2022 09 14
Second Lithuanian Commercial Attaché to Germany starts work

Lithuania is expanding its economic representation network in Germany, one of the most important markets for our country, and increasing its team of Commercial Attachés. Lina Gudelionytė-Gylienė is joined by Arūnas Šarka, who has been appointed Commercial Attaché of the Republic of Lithuania at the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in the Federal Republic ...

2022 09 13
Both the number of open data and the interest in them are growing

In the first half of this year, a large amount of useful data on pension savings, health care licences, personal income and taxes was opened to the public. The number of datasets opened on the portal has increased by a quarter and interest in them has almost doubled.

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2022 09 12
Almost €1 billion to boost the Lithuanian economy

To strengthen the Lithuanian economy and overcome the challenges of recent years,  Ministry of the Economy and Innovation plans to launch a series of measures totalling almost €1 billion by the end of 2023. The funding will cover a wide range of private and public sector projects in the fields of business, innovation, investment, as well as the ...

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2022 09 09
New Commercial Attaché in Ukraine starts, positions in the Republic of Korea strengthened

Tomas Matulevičius has joined the Lithuanian diplomatic mission in Ukraine as Commercial Attaché in order to strengthen the representation of Lithuania's economic interests in Ukraine, which is one of Lithuania's priority markets for exports and innovation cooperation. 

2022 09 08
Ministry of the Economy and Innovation takes over management of the Defence Investment Fund

Ministry of the Economy and Innovation has taken over the management of the Defence Investment Fund, a fund of funds from the Ministry of Defence, which will promote experimental development and innovation activities in the field of defence and security and implement the MILInvest financial instrument. The Fund is managed by UAB ...

2022 09 06
Aid to industry: partial reimbursement for the recertification of products of Lithuanian origin

In order to help manufacturers of products of Lithuanian origin to replace the raw materials and components used in their production,  Ministry of the Economy and Innovation will partially reimburse the costs of recertification of such products. EUR 1.5 million is earmarked for this purpose.

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