The concept of smart specialization for 2021-2027 was approved on the 17th of August 2022, which aims to strengthen research and innovation capacities, create new technologies and simultaneously increase the country's competitiveness and positions in global markets.

Concept of Research and development and innovations (Smart specialization)

 3 R&D&I priorities have been approved, which will be the basis for the promotion and support of innovations in the country.

R&D&I priority

R&D&I thematic field

Health technologies, biotechnologies and safe food


1. Molecular technologies for medicine and biopharmaceuticals

2. Advanced applied technologies for personal and public health

3. Advanced medical engineering for early diagnosis and treatment

4. Safe food and sustainable agrobiological resources


New production processes, materials and energy efficiency


1. Photonic and laser technologies

2. Advanced materials and constructions

3. Flexible product development, production and process management technologies

4. Strengthening energy efficiency and smart energy solutions

5. Use of renewable energy sources

ICT technologies, inclusive and creative society


1. Artificial intelligence, big and distributed data, multidisciplinary analysis, processing and implementation

2. The Internet of Things

3. Cyber ​​security

4. Financial technologies and block chains

5. Audiovisual media, design technologies and social innovation

6. Smart transport systems

 Ministry of Economy and Innovation is the main managing authority responsible for the implementation of the Smart specialization 2021-2027.

Data shows that the sectors that fell under the priorities of smart specialization 2014-2020 have achieved significant progress both in terms of business development and increasing R&D potential: these sectors increased generated added value by 80%, the volume of exports increased by 72 % and the number of employees grew by 10%. In addition, sectors of smart specialization more than doubled the expenditure on R&D and the volume of export of knowledge-intensive services during the period 2014-2020, every second company operating within the framework of these priorities introduced innovations in their activities.




Last updated: 13-03-2024