Public procurement policy

Public procurement constitutes an important part of the Lithuanian economy. The total amount spent through these procedures is one tenth of the country’s gross domestic product, or one third of Lithuania’s national budget. Such procurement volumes show that public procurement is and will be a driving force behind the country’s entire economy; therefore, the objective of the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation as the authority shaping public procurement policy is to continuously improve the legal regulation of public procurement in order to ensure that public procurement is carried out by using funds allocated for this purpose in a transparent and rational manner.

The Ministry of Economy and Innovation calls on business representatives to participate more actively in the published public procurements and offer their goods, services and works. Doing this is not difficult - a list of frequently asked questions and answers has been prepared. It will help you to take the first steps to participate in the procurement procedure.


How to find out about ongoing public procurements?

 All relevant information about ongoing public procurements is published on the Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP) at The procuring entity initiating procurement procedures shall publish a contract notice thus inviting suppliers to participate in the procurement (save for exceptional cases when the procurement can be carried out without making a public notice thereof).

Is it possible to subscribe to contract notices about ongoing public procurements?

A supplier who wants to track procurements can subscribe to RSS subscription of contract notices, that are of relevance to him, by the company's field of activity. Contract notices can be filtered by certain types of goods, services, works, that is, by public procurement (CPV) codes.
The training material of how to subscribe to contract notices can be found at Subscription of public procurements in CVP IS.
After subscribing to the information, you will receive to the specified e-mail address a summary of the contract notices of the Central Procurement Portal (CVPP).

How to participate in public procurements?

Procurements are carried out in the Central Public Procurement Information System (CPP IS) Only suppliers registered in this system can participate in procurements. Registration with the CPP IS is free of charge - a registration form must be completed and an application for registration must be sent to the Public Procurement Office.
Instructions on how to participate in the CPP IS can be found here:
For all other questions, please send your inquiries to the e-mail address [email protected].

Where to find more information about the possibilities to participate in public procurements?

More methodological information for suppliers can be on the website of the Public Procurement Office at:

What is CPO LT electronic catalogue CPO LT and what it is required for?

CPO LT electronic catalogue is the information system administered by the central contracting authority CPO LT and in which the contracting entities can procure and business representatives can offer goods, services or works. Public procurements organised through the CPO LT system take place fast and usually in an automated manner.
More information about CPO LT electronic catalogue is available at:

How to participate in the procurements that take place in CPO LT electronic catalogue?

Necessary steps to be taken to become a supplier of CPO LT electronic catalogue:
   • Participate in the tender procedures for the selection of suppliers, that are published on CPO LT and that are carried out by public tender through the CPP IS system
   • Win the public tender (sign a preliminary contract for the supply of goods, provision of services and works through CPO LT catalogue) or be accepted into a dynamic procurement system (this system can be joined at any time during its period of validity).
   • After receiving a link of the registration in CPO LT catalogue, fill in the supplier's application and send it signed by the manager to CPO LT to the e-mail address [email protected].
   • After receiving the login details, log in to CPO LT catalogue and participate in the published public procurements.

CPO LT electronic catalogue can be found here:

What is an electronic means ‘E-Procurement Centre‘ (EPC catalogue)?

CPO LT electronic means ‘E-Procurement Centre‘ (EPC catalogue) is designed for entities of non-contracting authorities, whose procurements are financed from the state budget, including European Union financial assistance and other international financial assistance, and/or from the municipal budget.
The works, services and goods currently offered in the EPC catalogue can be found at

How to register in EPC catalogue?

Only suppliers who offer goods, services or works according to the descriptions of procurement modules provided in the catalogue and who meet the qualification requirements for suppliers may register in EPC catalogue.
More information about registration in EPC catalogue can be found here:

What is important to know about the current international situation related to the war in Ukraine?

On 23 March 2022, amendments to public procurement laws entered into force allowing procurers to reject tenders of suppliers in case:

  • the supplier (sub-suppliers, manufacturers of the goods or persons controlling the goods) or the origin of the goods (including their components) or services offered by the supplier are supplied from hostile to our country territories, the list of which is approved by the Government;
  • The Government takes a decision concerning the the non-conformity of suppliers with the national security interests;
  • The procurer has information about the suppliers’ interests which may pose a threat to the national security.

Currently, the list of states posing a threat to the national security includes: the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, the Crimea, which is annexed by the Russian Federation, the territory of Transnistria, which is not controlled by the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which are not controlled by the Government of Georgia.

On the basis of this list, public contracts already awarded may be terminated.

Green public procurements

In order to strengthen environmental protection, Lithuania, like other EU Member States, takes measures to promote introduction of clean technologies and production of recyclable products. Green public procurements are one of the effective solutions to implement this.
So, contracting entities already now are encouraged to carry out green procurements: this year, such procurements must account for at least half of all procurements, and in 2023 should account for 100%.
Green procurement is a procurement when the contracting entity seeks to procure goods, services or works, which have the least possible impact on the environment at one, several or all stages of the life cycle of an item, service or work.

Last updated: 07-03-2024